Kung4u DVD - Chi Sao Sektion 7

Kung4u DVD - Chi Sao Sektion 7

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Kung4u DVD - Chi Sao Sektion 7
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Master Taner Erdogan and Master Graziano Di Giorgio will show you in this DVD:


Complete 7 Chi Sao section

  • Learn the "Force-Section"
  • Learn the "hidden" and real 7th Chi Sao Section
  • How to use the Huen-Sao in a right way
  • All movments in detail, like "Tok-Sao,Jat-Sao,Jum-Sao..."
  • and much more!



Audio : Stereo Ascpect Ratio : 16:9

Anamorphic Run Time : 30min

Apporx. PAL or NTSC

Languages : English

File size : 2,31GB










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